Book Written 10 Years Ago Helps Father and Family Today

Ten years ago, when Hyla Sweznik talked her father into being interviewed by a family biographer to have a book created so that she could have a recorded version of his history, nobody knew what the future held.  Today, her father would no longer be able to share the stories for the book.  Due to progressive stages of Alzheimer’s Disease, Bob Sweznick often times does not even recognize his own daughter. 

“Daddy is 91 and his memory isn’t as good as it used to be,” Hyla said.  “I use the book in so many ways.  Daddy’s caretakers can read his book and understand what he was like.  Also, I read it to him often to help him remember happy times: like how he met Mom, vacations he went on and our holiday celebrations together.”

Hyla shared a story of another way the book was helpful.  “Recently, a childhood friend tracked him down to talk.  I sent him Daddy’s book and it brought back so many memories of his own childhood too!  These books are special for so many reasons and end up touching many lives.” 

“Sharing memories of the past and talking through one’s life is a therapeutic process,” says Rachel Pearlman, hospice social worker. “Life review develops feelings of self-worth and the comfort that one’s life has had meaning and value.”

After more than 17 years in the business, family biographers of Personal Profiles have noticed the energy and positive attitude that clients have due to their interviews.  One gentleman, after his interviews were complete said, “I enjoyed reliving my life more than I did living it!” 

Personal Profiles has been dedicated to helping families preserve and pass down their special stories and family histories for more than 17 years.  From do-it-yourself autobiography kits, to professionally ghostwritten biographies, to one-on-one interviews that capture a subject’s personality in our signature “as told to” style, Personal Profiles is the only company providing these much-needed services for those who wish to record their family history for future generations.